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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Our 1st full day on Arran we took buses to the north end of the island and hiked a coastal route from Sannox to Laggan Cottage, then over the hills to the village of Lochranza, about 8 miles total. It was a varied and gorgeous hike with a wonderful picnic lunch in the middle.

Proof I was there. Also proof sheep were there.






Ha ha - looks like a basking iguana.


I am sure my mother would have known this to be a fairy mound.







Look closely. :-)

Laggan Cottage


Heading up over the saddle.




There is a beautiful valley on the other side.

Heading down into Lochranza.


Lochranza Castle

By this point Mike and Isaac had gone ahead, not wanting to miss the last tour of the day at Arran Distillery. This peaceful spot was 1 of many dead ends I encountered trying to complete the last quarter mile to the village.

Eventually I encountered this painter and he gave me (dubious) directions through private property and sheep pastures and across a creek and 2 fence lines to the village.





Arran Distillery

Arran Dairies ice cream with leftover bananas and nutella from lunch, enjoyed in the shade; WAY more my cup of tea than a distillery tour.

Sampling scotch whisky at the end of the tour - way more their cup of tea than a cup of tea.

This man was so thorough in his customer service he gave us a ride clear back to the south end of the island to Lamlash, his village and ours for the week.

Happy trails!


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