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Friday, July 19, 2013


On 2sday, July 16th we flew from Amsterdam to London's Stansted airport and took an express train to Cambridge, just over half an hour enroute. We hired a taxi to drop Isaac at Cambridge's Judge Business School to be on a UNICEF Leadership Panel (minutes to spare!) and to continue on with Mike and me to a bank and on to our flat (apartment) for the week on Hills Road, just south of center.

I shopped for food but we otherwise just unpacked and rested. Next morning we rented bikes and did our 1st exploration of Cambridge.

Back to hedge rows and crazy quilt patches of green.


Our flat is the ground floor, 2 sets of windows on the left.

1st grocery haul

Heading into town on bikes





Isaac shows us Cavendish Laboratory where Watson and Crick discovered the nature of DNA in 1953; it now houses his Sociology department. The departments are shared across the colleges.

Door within a door at Cavendish


Getting food at the King's College felt like a regular cafeteria experience until we stepped into the hall. It was the 1st choice for the Harry Potter films but King's declined and the eating hall scenes in the Potter movies were filmed at Oxford (4 photos).







Oh my - a litter bin busker.

Mariah and Greg arrived Wednesday evening - yay!

Happy trails!


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