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Sunday, July 14, 2013


We arrived on Arran on Monday and left on Saturday, staying at Claveron House. I found it on a Scottish cottage website and was impressed enough to be pleased it was free during our time frame, but nothing could have prepared us for how sweet it was - practically perfect in every way and deserving of its own post.

Owners Lottie and Tom are both retired from jobs in southern England, Lottie from hospice work and Tom from the rail industry. They purchased Claveron house shortly after they were married 13 years ago and have been renovating ever since. The attention to detail - inside and out - was amazing, from the wild lushness of the garden and quality of the linens to the quaint skeleton keys and 3 slices of home baked cake waiting in the fridge. Photos won't do it justice but here's my attempt; I have included photos from walks around Lamlash at the end.

Our flat was on the lower left - bathroom and entry hall in the little add-on and bedroom/sitting area and kitchen behind the next set of windows to the right.





Lottie sells plants from the bottom of the garden.









That's their kitchen door on the left and our kitchen window on the right, coal shoot at lower right.


Tiny rock rainbow to decorate our outside dining table.


Cool cool floor.






Note the keys

Isaac stayed in a room upstairs - top right window of the house.

We love to have kitchens when we travel and shopping locally is part of the reason. My favorites were the fresh strawberries and crusty oat loaf and apple crisp from a local bakery, upper left.



Yes, the weather was so unusually gorgeous the whole week, we ate every dinner at this table outside our window (and picnicked nearly every lunch on the trail).

Fresh local salmon

Appetizer in America, 'starter' in the UK - we sort of became addicted to the great local cheeses.

This is the 'holy mackerel' Isaac and Mike caught.


Fresh eggs for breakfast from the girls. Just once, though - mostly we had fresh fruit and muesli and oats for breakfast.

Views around Lamlash














Happy trails!


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