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Friday, July 12, 2013


On Thursday, July 11th we hiked a loop, leaving from Whiting Bay, a village a few miles south of Lamlash where we're staying. In 1978, traveling with friends, I stayed a few nights in a youth hostel in Whiting Bay (now closed) and did the forest part of this hike.
We hiked about 2.5 miles through beautiful forest to the falls, turned right for half a mile or so to visit the remains of an Iron Age fort, then backtracked to the falls and took a left to climb out of the forest and make our way to burial cairns the locals call Giants Graves that are figured to be 5000-5700 years old. Then the trail dropped steeply down to the start and we took a bus home.

Fly fisher Mike finds a may fly.
Iron Age Fort
Giants Graves

Steep - note the switchbacks; that's Holy Isle on the skyline.

Open top bus
Walk up the hill from the bus stop - the red stone house with gables against the trees is where we're staying. I'll make a separate blog post about the house, gardens, and owners - an amazing place to stay.
Our hosts, Lottie and Tom, are very sweet and accommodating. Before we took the bus south to Whiting Bay for our hike, Tom suited Isaac up and showed him their new bee colony.

After our hike Tom took Mike and Isaac fishing in his little boat, the Ivy May.

Holy Isle fishing site...
+ mackerel
= Holy mackerel!

Tom in the Ivy May
Cleaning fish in the garden
Ready to bake

Happy trails!

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