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Monday, July 22, 2013


On Thursday, July 18th we picked up Mariah and Greg's rental bikes and headed to the tiny village Grantchester where we spent most of the day between the lovely, historic Orchard Tea Gardens and The Green Man - a very classic old world-seeming pub. Many of the local businesses and homes are thatched - very quaint - and there's a lovely old church and cemetery.

We headed back into town in the afternoon for a stop at the oldest pub in Cambridgeshire, the Eagle, where Watson and Crick announced their new found insight into the nature of DNA in 1953.




Dinosaur-sized BLTs and their friends







The Green Man Pub





Back into Cambridge



Our chariots

This is the oldest church in Cambridge, nearly 1000 years old. Back then sanitation limitations created serious rodent problems; the circular holes near the top of the tower were nesting boxes for owls who preyed on the rodents.

The Eagle Pub - oldest in Cambridgeshire.


This photo in the pub is of A. A. Milne - who was a Cambridge man and apparently frequented both the Orchard and the Eagle - with the real Christopher Robin and Pooh.

All the news that's fit to print, right on the front. In addition to Scot Andy Murray winning at Wimbledon while we were in the neighborhood, a Brit took the Tour de France and another nearly won the British open while we were in Britain.




Happy trails!


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