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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hi, all!

For those of you who have wondered why Isaac and Tara aren't in many of my Cambridge photos, it's because I saved the best for last. This collection has random scenery, food, and special event photos including many fine meals and cultural events with my UK beloveds. 

Algerian restaurant


Best kitchen in town - Isaac and Tara's. :-)

Street fair on Mill Street

From left: Tara, Katie, Tim, and Isaac

Breakfast at Hot Number

The King's Parade apartment

Parker's Piece

The backs

Statue exhibit at Jesus College

Cambridge Brewhouse

Picnicking and enjoying a production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" in the King's College Fellows Garden

The very cool Corpus Clock.

Formerly known as Bateman Street

Indian cuisine

A highlight event - heading to London for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant and an unbelievably awesome West End production.

The famous red door where Cambridge PhD dissertations are handed in.

Judge Business School - home of Isaac's PhD program

1 last classic British tea - at Auntie's Tea House - and goodbye to Britain until next time.

You can find the complete photo collections for this trip HERE.

Happy trails!


MORE CAMBRIDGE: Kings College & Churches

Hi, all!

In addition to visiting museums, enjoying Isaac's beloved King's College and many of Cambridgeshire's beautiful and historically significant churches were highlights of my stay.

Here's the King's College gate

and to the right, the King's College Chapel. This iconic building, 1 of the most famous in Great Britain, boasts the longest fan-vaulted ceiling in the world and is celebrating its 500th birthday this year. You can read about it HERE.

Directly across the street is another of my favorite Cambridge haunts, Isaac and Tara's apartment, the 2 windows above Benets.

These views are of their shared back patio space and the whole scene from neighboring Great St. Mary's Church.

When breakfast is Isaac's treat, part of the treat is eating in this amazing dining hall, very Harry Potteresque.

Here are some scenes from inside King's College and the 'backs' area along the River Cam.

The King's College Fellows (professors) celebrated with fireworks

Here are some photos - big views and details - inside the Chapel.

This was Isaac's spot when he sang with King's Voices.

In addition to the King's College Chapel, I enjoyed nearly a dozen other churches including Great St. Mary's; you can climb to the top of the tower there, enjoying the bell rooms enroute and stellar views from the roof (including the earlier aerial photos).

Organ concert

Bell ropes

Some of the bells are over 400 years old and the largest weighs more than 3000 pounds.

And here are a few of my favorite photos of other churches around town.

I also took the 20 minute train ride to Ely in East Cambridgeshire to visit the gigantic cathedral there.

I think living in the wild west of the US in a state that is 156 years old makes visiting places with 400 year old bells and 500 year old ceilings especially impressive.

Happy trails!