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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Looming large in Lamlash Bay, dominating the view from the village, is Holy Isle. The island has a long history as a sacred site, with a spring or Holy well held to have healing properties, the hermit cave of 6th Century monk St. Molaise, and evidence of a 13th Century monastery. It now belongs to the Simyé Ling order of Tibetan Buddhist Monks who use it as a meditation and retreat center. A thousand years ago saanen goats were left there by Viking raiders and a few remain. For the last 30 or 40 years, little soay sheep and Eriskay ponies have run wild there, neither cared for or bothered by humans.

The high point of the island is Mullach Mòr, just over 1000 feet. The hike from the north end of the island, up the spine to Mullach Mòr, down to the south point of the island, and back along the west coastline is about 4 miles. So blessed to have gorgeous weather, great company, and beautiful places like this to explore!

Leaving Lamlash...

...and heading toward Holy Isle.

Soay sheep and the 1st stile.







Proof I was there. Also proof sheep were there.

More proof.


Mullach Mòr

Saanen goats - 3 billy goats gruff. :-)


Another perfect picnic on top.




Still see him?

Heading south

Eriskay ponies








Buddhist rock paintings


St. Moraises' cave

The boat house - free beverages to end the hike

Soay sheep








Mine is the dark triangle.

Our return ferry was scheduled to leave at 4:15. It left at 4:05 with Mike and Isaac, being told by the captain as I ran up the dock that there wasn't room for me. Oh well! More time with the ponies!




Half an hour later I was on my way.

And these 3 beautiful swans...

...and 2 handsome men were waiting for me.

Happy trails!


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