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Monday, July 22, 2013


On Friday, July 19th, Isaac gave us a wonderful tour of the King's College campus including the library and common areas and his favorite study haunts. I didn't take many photos inside but it was golden for us to see where he lives and works and meet many of his friends.


This is the King's College Chapel which has the largest fan vault unit in the world. Construction began under Henry the 6th and was completed by Henry the 8th in 1515. I have chosen to pull out most of the King's Chapel photos for a separate post because it is one of the most impressive buildings in the world and deserves its own.





This is Isaac's choir seat; he performs with King's Voices every Monday when school is in session.

Proof I was there.

There's a wonderful small museum with information about the construction and history.

After our time in the chapel we went to King's Hall for lunch



Across the street from King's College is this amazing sculptural, animated Corpus Clock which was officially dedicated in 2008 by Stephen Hawkings. The wiki link is worth a read - really incredible engineering and funkiness.


We rode our bikes through Jesus Green and stopped for a break in the shade,


then continued along the cam with houseboat and boathouse views,



then headed to the historic Fort St. George pub where the guys checked out Pimm's with fruit.



Next stop was Round Church, dating to the 10th century so 1 of the oldest buildings in Cambridge.



These ice cream stands are dotted around town - they make we miss our son/brother Carlos. Love you, Car!

Isaac with friends Noah and Pedro. Pedro (right) graduated with a degree from King's with Isaac. Noah (center) is a member of Isaac's masters program and attends nearby Gonville and Caius College, shortened to Caius (pronounced 'keys'); he took us on a private tour of the beautiful campus.









Next we headed to the banks of the Cam River across from King's College for lessons in wine tasting and a beautiful picnic dinner.



And cows.

Then Isaac got the keys to the boathouse and we borrowed a boat and and went punting down the Cam. Gorgeous views!



Isaac did most of the punting (using a long wooden pole to push us along) but Mike, Greg, and I also took turns.

Note the bridge climbers

Those uninterested in doing the punting themselves can hire a guide; they are known for spinning yarns as they go. 2 we heard of were that the King's Chapel is the largest building in the world carved from a single stone and that this tree is the world's largest bonzai tree (King's student housing in the background).

As dusk fell (past 10pm) we headed back through King's campus and out the door and home.


Happy trails!

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