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Friday, May 29, 2015

SPONTANEOUS WATERFALL HIKE - Columbia River Gorge, May 2015

Hi, all -

I had a fabulous mom. She grew up in Gresham, Oregon and loved the falls in the Columbia River Gorge. When I was little and she would wash my hair, she named each glass of rinse water after a gorge waterfall; I can hear her voice in the sound of the water when I visit them. Yesterday: Wahclella, Horsetail, Multnomah, Wahkeena, Bridal Veil, Shepperds Dell, and Latourell. Then quick stops at Crown Point and the Women's Forum Overlook, an ice cream from Corbett Country Market, and a new ugly dog for my collection from a Troutdale antique vendor.

Hike to Wahclella Falls

Horsetail Falls

Multnomah Falls

Hike to Wakeena Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Shepperds Dell

Latourell Falls

Roadside rhododendron

View from road below Crown Point

Crown Point, Vista House

At Women's Forum Overlook

Crown Point from Women's Forum Overlook

Corbett Country Market

Ugly dog - looks shamed. It qualifies for my collection in 2 categories: 1) Is that a dog?! and 2) If I saw it in real life I'd be creeped out.


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